Wazzup Tweeps!

I commend you for clicking through from Twitter. If I was a billionaire I would give each one of you a personalized, decorative bar of soap. Truth is I’m not a billionaire so all I have to offer is this blog.

I take good time out of my life to write on this blog for you so I hope you find it somewhat enjoyable.

If you’re into laughing and feeling good about yourself give it a shot and subscribe on the right! It’s just as easy to unsubscribe if you hate what I post that much… Promise. Wazzup Tweeps!

I only spit out 1-2 posts a week (because in my world I’m a quality over quantity kind of guy) so you’ll see less from me than your grandma who forwards you all those chain emails everyday.

I specialize in experience blogging (doing something to get a firsthand experience of it and then blogging about it to share it with you). I love what I do and I love including my followers and friends on the blog as well. So if you ever have an idea for something for me to do and blog about it, send it my way –> bradensthompson@gmail.com.

If you choose not to check out the rest of my blog after reading this, That’s your decision. We all have the agency to choose but we must accept the consequences. So if your choice is to leave, this dog has just pooped on your carpet and is now laughing at you because you, the human, have to clean up his poop. Happy scooping!

Wazzup Tweeps!